Enjoy Find Southern Food with Fine Wine

What is a gourmet meal without good wine? Well, it is still wonderful but not fully rounded off and that is fine for some but most folks would like the tastes of the grape to accompany. Whether you are solo dining for personal enjoyment, taking out a date, or joining a dining party, the South boasts some very good restaurants, particularly in the steak department.

If you are looking for fine wines with great southern cuisine, atlanta has what you are looking for. The city is of medium size compared to the larger cities and smaller ones in the States, so there are many great restaurants clustered in certain areas. You will find all sorts of different cuisine choices. In this case, you are looking for a bit of the South influenced by other cultures and you have it.

As for the wine, it would be nice to get direct recommendations here but it is better if you go for the dining. At the restaurant of choice, you will find that the staff is knowledgeable and prepared for the subject of wines. Ask for a good recommendation after you order so you end up with the right wines for the meal. Generally, it is reds for steaks and whites for white meat with white, sweet wines at the end.

southern cuisine, atlanta

One way or the other, you are sure to enjoy. Have Filet Mignon with a nice soft red. Or perhaps you are more of a New York Strip and Malbec person. Tell the server your tastes and preferences and you will be pleased with the recommendations. If you can get it, ask for a taste of the wines first. You won’t always find this option but when you do, you should go for it. Enjoy your fine Atlanta dining tonight.