Gelato Vs Ice Cream… Which Should You Sell?

Since gelato is Italian for ice cream, they should be the same… right?  Well there are differences between the two tasty desserts. Many vendors sell just ice cream or just gelato.  While buying your ice cream supplies, consider bringing gelato to your mix as well.  There are many benefits since the two are actually different and may attract a different crowd.

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What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

The first difference between the two delightful sweets is the proportion of milk to cream.  Gelato uses more milk and less cream.  This makes gelato much denser and gives it that almost taffy look.  Another difference is in the yolks.  Gelato doesn’t typically use egg yolks while ice cream does. 

Gelato has less fat!  Ice cream uses between 14-25% butterfat, while gelato only uses around 8%.  Also, believe it or not gelato is warmer than ice cream.  This lets your mouth enjoy the flavor more without getting that numb sensation.

The last big difference between the two is the air.  There is less air in gelato, which makes it much creamier than traditional ice cream – despite the name.

Which is healthier?

This can be a tough question to answer since one scoop of gelato would be much heavier than one scoop of ice cream.  For this reason it is important to measure the two by weight, not scoops.  When comparing the two delicacies, gelato has fewer calories, fat, and sugar than ice cream.  However, if you are looking to gelato for a light diet-friendly dessert, I would look elsewhere.  It still has high amounts of fat and sugar. 

If you are in the ice cream business, or just looking to get the scoop, having both gelato and ice cream is definitely a wise investment.