Eating Tasty Gluten Free Food


When you are gluten intolerant, you cannot eat wheat, barley, spelt, or certain other grains and this will, at first, make it difficult to find food choices. The good news is that there are plenty of dishes that have no gluten and there are gluten free baked goods available all over the markets. As far as foods you want to make yourself, there are many good recipes with no gluten.

Cooking Without Gluten

Once you learn all the foods that have gluten in them, it is pretty easy to cook gluten free. You can also look up a variety of recipes online so that you can keep your kitchen active. Consider what kinds of meals you want to make. All vegetables and meats are gluten free because gluten only comes from grains.

There are grains such as rice, oats, quinoa, millet, and corn that have no gluten too. Now you know lots to cook without gluten. When it comes to spice mixes, some of them have wheat extracts in them. You will need to use gluten free spices to eat correctly.

Leaves and Herbs

gluten free spices

All of the leafy herbs and spices and the roots are gluten free. The only spices that really have gluten in them routinely are the spice blends such as bouillon cubes and soy sauce. If you do want to use these things, you will have to find the gluten free versions, which is possible in the finer supermarkets. Start reading ingredients on a regular basis.

Meat Treats

Meats don’t have any gluten unless they are processed. When you get fresh, whole chicken, beef, lamb, fish, shellfish, duck, turkey, pork, and quail, there is no gluten at all and you can feel free to cook at will. Consider these tips when you are choosing to cook gluten free for yourself and others.